The Throat July MMXIX

Lectori Salutem,
Some updates concerning reduced shipping costs, changes in Payment processing due to a (finally settled) dispute with PayPal and the shipping of the nine new releases.
Payment processing and dispute with PayPal:
A month ago we received an e-mail overnight concerning the “permanent” limitation of one of our PayPal accounts. In their words we had violated their “Acceptable Use Policy” and we were, from that moment on, no longer allowed to use PayPal’s services on that connected account. We were however allowed to use our backup account for payments. An actual reason was not given. About a week ago that second account was also “permanently” limited. After a month of calling and e-mailing back and forth for five hours a day the limitations to both accounts have finally been undone. Apparently we had NOT violated any policies. An actual reason for the initial “permanent” limitation was never giving, an explanation why both accounts are now re-instated was also never given.
Because of this we have decided to change how we will process payments from now on; we will manually check all orders we receive and the order total and PayPal and/or bank account details will be sent through e-mail afterwards. For those that wish to pay through PayPal an additional set PayPal fee applies; this will be calculated manually and added to the total sent through e-mail.
Shipping costs:
Calculated (international) shipping costs have been reduced as we will start using a new handler for our shipments very soon. In the end the handler ships the items through the same postal service as we have always used (PostNL) so you can expect the exact same service as before, for a lower price.
Nine new releases and shipments:
We have finished duplication for the nine new releases considerably earlier than expected, orders that were received in the last two weeks will be shipped from today onwards! Newly placed orders received from today onwards will be shipped using the new handler starting the 22nd of July. The Throat is closed between the 18th and the 21st of July for a visit to Chaos Descends festival in Germany.
Please remember that The Throat is, for the most part, a solo endeavour and will always remain a small label that exist mostly to spread personal material and material of those I consider close to me. Profit is nearly non-existent and whatever profit I make goes directly back into creation and The Throat. It will never be a big operation, yet I will always strive to give you the best service I can possibly give. A very special thanks should be given to the close friends that have helped me out during these last few weeks as they have been very rough and I couldn’t have done it without them; you know who you are… know that The Throat would have not been here without your help and that will not go unnoticed.
For all naysayers: similar words of appreciation apply. Know your mould is not mine; it will never fit. This is why The Throat exists. In the words of Isaiah 55:8: “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.”
Thank you for your time,
K. Ravko