11th of December MMXVII:

Our new releases are now available for ordering through the webstore. New orders will be shipped from the 22nd of December and onwards!

T-shirt pre-orders can still be made.

29th of November MMXVII:

We are now accepting pre-orders for our first three clothing articles:
The Throat - Hell Meditation T-Shirt
Kaffaljidhma - Constellation T-Shirt
Faceless Entity - Forever Mourning T-Shirt

More information can be found in the store section.

Unfortunately there are no updates, as of yet, concerning the new The Throat releases.
They are currently all being duplicated and we hope to receive them during the end of December.

The Throat is on vacation from the 29th of November until the 5th of December. Orders coming in during this time will be processed normally, but are shipped after the 5th.

We managed to get the new website fully up and working. Most bugs seem dealt with.
Should there be any issue with the website: please contact us at info@thethroat.nl