Fernweh / Zygmythkaupt


A rather excellent and unique split from these two entities, materialized in Consistentis Veritatis Peremptoria’s final batch.

Fernweh debuts here. A relatively new project, conjuring sheer mind torture through an insanely acrid and corrosive Blackened Harsh Noise.
A barrage of noise frequencies and textures rapidly erodes through your mind, while the percussion noises anxiously punches and pummels through your chest, all accompanied by absolutely tortured and miserable vocals create this aural nightmare, this vision into a deeply scarred soul.

Zygmythkaupt on the other hand makes a rather unexpected return, with his first public release since 2019. Mongrel (Bokwus, Eternal Octagon, Volteria) delivers in the form of Dark Ambient/Noise, what could be perceived as the calm after the storm, only to find that the unease hasn’t left. You’ll find yourself haunted, travelling through empty concrete streets, perpetually, passively, but certainly haunted by your own torturing, manipulative, self-destructing thoughts.

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