Hamelin – Hamelin [12″]


Black vinyl.

Buried deep in the consciousness of four divergent souls from Mechelen grew a beast enchained by melancholy named Hamelin. Though they’re in the process of releasing their first EP, they’re in no way new to the scene. With all of them having a background in Belgium’s metal scene and coming from different bands and projects, you might just find yourself impressed by their unique sound and dynamic.

The combined musical backgrounds of their members fell effortlessly into place, pushing a sound that is characterised by a strong atmosphere and melody drifting between melancholy and hope, longing for light as we drift further into the void.

With haunting and calm riffs, cathartic vocals, pounding and yet serene drums and a dynamic composition Hamelin’s debut EP will drags the listening through a sorrowful journey into a maelstrom of Blackened and Atmospheric Metal.

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