[KEEL150] Smoke – Hier naermaels


For The Throat’s 150th release we are proud to present you Smoke’s debut full-length. Proud, yes… yet our hearts are also filled with an overwhelming feeling of loss.
“Hier naermaels” is archaic Dutch for the afterlife, a more direct translation would be “that which comes after”. Which perfectly explains the concept surrounding this album:
The recording of a debut full-length had previously been planned to be recorded during 2017; when the project would turn a decade old. It was to be dedicated to their long-time conspirator Wm. Berger who had, among many other things, released their 12″ EP through his label Prison Tatt Records in 2013. Unsuspectedly Wm. Berger passed away on the 15th of September that year. Smoke would come back together almost a year later to finish that which had to be done, that which comes after.

With this record we hope to pay homage to what you have meant for us, what you have meant for The Throat and what you have meant for music in general. And to what you mean in that which comes after. You are missed.
In loving memory of our friend Wm. Berger.
Requiescat in pace.
1964 – 2017

Translucent pro-cassette with black print. Limited to an undisclosed amount of copies.
All proceeds of the digital release and cassette release of this record will be donated to the National Stroke Association (stroke.org)
and the Hersenstichting (www.hersenstichting.nl)

A full stream/downlaod of this release is available here: Smoke Bandcamp

Smoke – Lo-fi Black Metal since 2007.

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