[KEEL155] Quaet Gespuys – Quaet Gespuys (Compilation)


Compilation cassette compiling all released and unreleased Quaet Gespuys material. Also includes (what is left of) the “Den Bockenreyders” demo by post-Quaet Gespuys project Corozain, which was planned for release during 2007 but was unfinished and never released plus unreleased rehearsal tracks and a live recording.
Fully mastered/remastered for cassette. Limited to an undisclosed amount of copies.

Quaet Gespuys was a great personal inspiration, without this project The Throat would not be what it is today and we are proud to offer this release!

Grauwe geschriften demo
Massagraf (Quaet Gespuys’ recording for their split with Woudgilde)
Two untitled rehearsal tracks
Corozain’s “Den Bockenreyders” demo
A live recording from 2004.

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