[KEEL156] Woudgilde – Woudgilde (Compilation)


Compilation cassette compiling all released Woudgilde material. Also includes the “Duusternesse” demo of pre-Woudgilde project Nevelheim.
Fully mastered/remastered for cassette. Limited to an undisclosed amount of copies.

Woudgilde was the solo project of Somberling (aka Esgaroth / D.V.) of Quaet Gespuys.
During its short career Woudgilde created some of the rawest and most unhinged Black Metal the Dutch scene has ever seen, true outsider art that never aimed to please.

Hel ende verdoemenis demo
Massagraf (Woudgilde’s recording for its part of the split with Quaet Gespuys)
Nevelheim – Duusternesse demo

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