Faceless Entity – In Via Ad Nusquam [CD]


CD Version released through Argento Records.

Forever mourning the dead and the living…

Emerging from this cluster of nameless void, Faceless Entity established a reputation since its inception in 2014 through the release of four demos, an output which captured the essence of sheer dementia and nethermost chaos with its recipe of bleak, dangerous Black Metal.

In Via Ad Nusquam (On the Road to Nowhere) is the first album full-length release from the ghastly specters, a pursuit deeply rooted on a boundless dissonant sound that captures the virtue of ethos and metaphysical axiom of previous creations, while furthering the sense of refinement on the overall arrangements, in tune with a relish for morbid, brooding melodies.

Shadowy wails, clamors of sadistic delirium, the eerie murmur of the Faceless Entity takes form on In Via Ad Nusquam from a curse of demented, unhinged Black Metal. Ultimately ritualistic in substance, untamed in praxis, the abyss takes form and onward emanates the wisdom of the dead.

While on previous releases one witnessed an approach for longer compositions of improvised madness, here we are granted a farther structured take on previous elements, a tighter, more tenacious process of arranging and delivering. Aesthetically, Faceless Entity’s creations achieve a symmetry on an overall enthrallment with and by the tenebrous demeanor of the individual, the soul embedded in the presence of the sinister and ominous, the quintessence of human’s vanity of being.

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